Time Clock by MinuteHound™ Is TopDog

How does MinuteHound™ time clock stack up to traditional time clock and other Biometric solutions? See for yourself...
  Competitor USB Biometric fingerprint scanner Competitors wall mounted hand punch scanner MinuteHound™ USB biometric fingerprint scanner
Patented technology No No
Recognition speed At least 2 sec
Appx. 4 sec
Under 2 sec on average
Limitation on number of users? Yes Yes No
Additional card to improve recognition speed? Yes Yes No
Web based application No No Yes
Ability to see real time attendance from any computer with internet connection No
No Yes
Detect fake fingerprint (plastic , rubber etc) No No Yes
If the computer crashes and there is loss of information, does the customer need to enroll employees and try to retrieve lost data? Yes Yes No, all data on server
When computer gets stolen Loss of data Loss of data All data on server
When scanner gets stolen Loss of data Loss of data All data on server
Is the amount of data on a saved timesheet limited? Yes Yes No
Automatic day light saving update? No No Yes
Remote support No
No Yes
Pay as you go option No No Yes
Installation costs No Yes No
Money back guarantee on Hardware No No Yes
Can user clock in at other company branches? No No Yes
Warranty on hardware Limited for 1 year
Limited for 1 year Unlimited
System Upgrade
Additional Cost
Additional Cost
Can be connected to an EPOS No No Yes