Cost Effective

MinuteHound is not just a biometric cloud-based time and attendance solution. MinuteHound also saves money.


Thanks to MinuteHound's biometric time clock, buddy punching is eliminated, and you save money in the process.


Because MinuteHound is in the cloud, you can check attendance and access your reports from anywhere in the world.

How Does It Work?

A small USB biometric scanner, a computer running windows (native or emulation), and an internet connection.

Benefits of Cloud Based Biometric Tim...

Benefits of Cloud Based Biometric Time Login

7 Benefits of Cloud-based Biometric Time Login Cloud-based biometric attendance system saves businesses both time and money. A recent survey revealed that an alarming amount of employees commit time theft by time cards padding. Apparently, 45 percent do so by recording inaccurate times, another 23 percent do so by punching in for a co-worker (buddy […]

Affordable Business Time Clock 2019

Affordable Business Time Clock 2019

How Your Business Can Be Helped By An Affordable Business Time Clock In 2019 Every small business has to deal with upfront costs as it gets up and running, and those include overhead costs, purchasing inventory, accounting and payroll. Considering the fact that so many payroll and business time clock solutions with automated technology are […]

Fingerprint Time Clock that is Cloud ...

Fingerprint Time Clock that is Cloud Based and Cost Effective

Brilliant Fingerprint Time Clock With timekeeping a constant nuisance for many companies, MinuteHound has developed a new-age solution: the Fingerprint Time Clock. The Fingerprint Time Clock is a timekeeping system that uses employee’s fingerprint identification for clocking in and out. This timekeeping system is unique in that it offers real-time notifications on employees reaching overtime! […]

What Is A Biometric Time and Attendan...

What Is A Biometric Time and Attendance System?

Time and Attendance is Crucial, but Why? What is one of the biggest problems facing any business? For most, the big problem they face is keeping track of time and attendance using outdated forms of tracking, including a traditional time clock. If you had the chance to save around five percent on your payroll costs, […]

Employee Time Tracking and Automated ...

Employee Time Tracking and Automated Reports

What Is Employee Time Tracking? Employee time tracking has changed significantly over the decades. Punch card systems invented in the late 1800s eventually became digital. Those trackers morphed into systems that networked to in-house or farmed servers. Eventually, those servers were removed as employee time tracking took place in the cloud. Biometrics make an appearance […]

Stop Wasting Time Counting Hours! Pay...

Stop Wasting Time Counting Hours! Payroll Should Be Automated!

No More Wasted Time Spent Counting Hours for Payroll Managing attendance and time cards for payroll can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Employers face a plethora of issues with traditional means of counting hours for employees. There are complications and problems associated with ensuring each employee is working their scheduled shift for the appropriate […]

The Time Clock: Simple Modern Solutio...

The Time Clock: Simple Modern Solutions Made Reality

Simple Modern Solutions in 2019 The time clock hasn’t changed much since its invention in 1888 by Willard LeGrand Bundy. His original design used heavy paper cards that would strike a contact located inside the clock, at the rear. Once struck, date and time information was stamped onto the card, and the employee would place […]

Hourly Employees Need Their Time Trac...

Hourly Employees Need Their Time Tracked – Report

When Using Minute Hound Consider Your Employees Time Tracked! MinuteHound recognizes that business owners have many tasks to manage. The goal of MinuteHound is to ensure the daily management of employees operates easily. It offers time tracking technology originally created for military facilities. The software is secure, eliminates fraud, convenient and saves money. You can […]

How Can An Employee Be Stopped From S...

How Can An Employee Be Stopped From Stealing Time At Work?

Is There A Foolproof way to Stop Employees From Stealing Time? Every minute is precious. While everyone has their own pace and a good way to stay productive, it’s easy for some workers to slip into an idle, even counter-productive slump. From web browsing to punching in late and leaving early, there are a lot […]

Simple Employee Time and Attendance T...

Simple Employee Time and Attendance The Simplest Way Possible!

Looking for Simple in the Workplace? Look No Further! MinuteHound has been around for over 10 years! The reason why this company has so much success is because of how simple and effective their technology is. Time and attendance technology to be exact. Employees report to work and place their finger on the scanner, then […]